Unhealthy Coping With Stress And Its Sources

Unhealthy Coping With Stress And Its Sources

People think that the stress is there to stay, and thus they are unable to do anything about it, but they are wrong. Stress can be managed, avoided and dealt with, and if you have some time then we can talk about it, and you can gather some interesting info that might help you. You might not know it yet, but you have a great amount of control over the stress because it all comes down to control over some basic things regarding your life (things like emotions, thoughts and your response toward problems).There are many sources of stress, and some of them are easily identifiable while others are more than often overlooked. Major events like job change, loss of a loved one and other things that hit you hard are obvious springs of stress that may last for a long time. Then there are other sources of stress that may come in a form of deadlines, negative feelings, change in behavior and similar small and hidden things.

The first step toward proper stress management must start with the identification of all possible things that cause you stress. This should be done with the deep self-questioning session. Don’t rely on doctors or other people to point at the things that cause you stress, because you are the only one that can unveil them.

You might be aware of the things that cause your stress, but you might also consider it as just a minor and temporary inconvenience.

If you push the stress under the rug by telling yourself that you are too busy to deal with it, then it might swell over time. Once you find yourself having no time for rest, then you have too much on your hands, and you should slow down and think about it.

If you consider the stress as a part of your life, then you are on the wrong path. Don’t try to integrate the stress into your personality just because you see no way to eliminate it. Once you integrate it, the stresses will build up, and you will be “shot down”.Many of us don’t know how to characterize the stress and they blame it on others, or they simply accept it as a way of life. Both of those things are wrong. Challenging the stress, finding everything about it and finding a way to either eliminate it or its source are the things you should be doing.
Stress builds up, and people find it easier to cope with it through rather unhealthy ways. Smoking and drinking and in some cases drug abuse are unhealthy ways to deal with stress, and they are not very effective in the long run.

Once you find yourself in front of TV for several hours, avoiding the problems or any other thing (filling yourself with junk food, lashing out on others, withdrawing yourself from everyone around you), then you should recognize the signs of the stress avoidance. None of these things will eliminate the stress; they will just hide it.

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Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress can be managed, and there are several ways to do that. Don’t think about booze or other unproductive ways because they are not very effective. They will help you forget about stress, but it is still there, and it will bite you back. Instead of those ways, you can try something that is far more effective. These effective methods of stress management do require time and dedication, but they work, and if you are troubled with stress you should give them a chance. Here is couple of those methods that you can try.
– Move
Don’t stagnate and don’t allow the environment to dictate your lifestyle. Take the reins of your life and steer it toward the goal you set yourself.

A lot happens when a person trains something or simple spends energy on exercise or any other form of physical activity. All the stress that has built up over some time can be released in around 30 minute so physical activity.

But you won’t do anything by a walk; you must sweat, you must feel the energy leaving your body, you must push on. Once you reach that point, the endorphins are released within you, and they make you feel good.

30 minutes of physical activity will work perfectly, but you can start with 10 minutes if you haven’t done anything in a long time. But, remember, your heart rate must go up, sweat has to flow, and you will find yourself enjoying that. There are many ways to do this, and the exercise is just one of them. You can simply turn up the music and dance around your house, or you can take your dog(if you have one) on a walk, but be sure to run around with it a bit. Then again you can ditch the elevators and other types of transport and start walking and riding a bicycle.
– Be social

I know, I know, socializing isn’t a thing that can be done easily, but you should at least try it. Stress is built up slowly if you don’t socialize because you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts. You don’t have to share your burdens with other people, but just by normal interactions, you will be able to reduce the amount of stress you possess.

Being alone and not interacting with other people creates a fight-or-flight type of thinking, and whenever someone approaches you, you automatically go into a defense mode not allowing them a chance to get close.

When you interact with other people you are listening to them; you are making constant eye contact; you are bonding with them on some level. This calms you down, and the body releases hormones that indirectly reduce the stress.

But to bond with someone you have to try. Reach out to people, start with your family and then spread your circle and include friends and continue adding people to that circle. Once your free time is spent in social interactions instead of being alone in your room, then you will see the benefits of being a social person.

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Improving Mental Health

Improving Mental Health

To be truly happy and satisfied with yourself, you must have optimal mental wellness. Optimal psychological health means that you have no negative emotions clouding your judgment, and you have a lot of positive things going on in your life. The road toward perfect mental health is hard, but there are some things that will help you achieve it.
You have probably heard about this one, but you decided to ignore it, but doing good things to others has a good effect on you. It isn’t about religion and things like that; it is about self-esteem. When you do things to others, and you don’t profit from them, those people will be grateful to you, and that is a shot of self-esteem your mind needs.
Primary reason for practicing self-discipline is for resisting the urge to hurt some people that got on your bad side. But having a perfect self-discipline is more than that because it helps you to overcome despair and similar negative emotions as well as thoughts. Being able to control your urges and your behavior is something that will help you a lot in your life.

Spending some time in nature while being surrounded by its beauty has unbelievably good effect on your emotional state. Being surrounded by beautiful things like nature and art reduces the stress and blood pressure.

This doesn’t have to be limited to those two things. Everything you find calming and beautiful will have the same effect on you. Discovery of new things greatly raises your happiness and whenever you find out about something new and interesting you feel proud of yourself.

Don’t limit yourself to the things you already know, explore, find new things to learn, find new things to appreciate and enjoy.
There are some quite unhealthy mental habits like worrying, and they should be either limited or, if possible, totally avoided. Having many negative mental habits will drain you, and it will create negative thoughts and all of that increases the amount of stress you have to deal with every single day.

The best way to avoid worrying and other negative habits are to recognize and avoid things that cause stress. Avoiding sources of stress is the best way to deal with it. Some sources of stress can’t be avoided and in that case, you must face the source and deal with it directly. You don’t want one source of stress to keep you awake for hours every single night, and it might be hard, but you must find a way to eliminate it completely to feel better.

Stagnation of the mind is a big source of negative thoughts, so you should find different ways to employ your mind. Find some creative work that will require some thinking or do anything else that will employ your mind.

Getting pets or a pet is also a good way to lift your mood. They require care, but for that care they will give you their unconditional love, and in your darkest days, they will be there for you.

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What Is Emotional Health?

What Is Emotional Health?

Emotional health is more than just being in control of the emotions and ultimately the behavior. It also helps in the other forms of health, like social and physical health. This is why it is important to take care of it. Improving your mental (emotional) health will be beneficial to all aspects of your life including the building of resilience and increase of enjoyment in overall.
We talk about mental health without the realization that many people don’t know what it is and what it represents. This type of wellness represents the psychological well-being including quality of the relationships you have (both romantic and non-romantic relationships), management of feelings, your self-assessment and so on.
Good psychological health is much more than just the absence of mental problems it is also more than just being OK, free from anxiety and other mental issues. To have good mental health means having some positive characteristics on a psychological level. Even with the absence of negative feelings you might not have good emotional wellness due to lack of any positive things.

If we are going to continue to talk about mental well-being, then we should set some parameters that define a person who is healthy on this level.

Such individual whose psychological state is excellent is a content person who can laugh and have fun wherever they are.

This person can easily form new relationships, and they don’t have problems in maintaining old friendships, and they are also quite flexible, and they have an ability to adapt to any possible situation. Being able to balance the work, rest, fun and all other things, while brushing the stress away, is also a trait of an emotionally healthy individual.

– Connection between mental and physical wellness

There is a strong connection between physical and mental health, and as you know, both body and mind are interconnected. If one of those two things isn’t well, then the other part will suffer difficulties as well. Taking care of your physical health raises your emotional wellness and the mental health increases exponentially along with the state of the body.
You won’t fall in depression if you are working on your body and that is one quite obvious example of this connection. Instead of depression, you will feel good because you are taking steps toward a goal you have set for yourself.

The body needs rest, and the body rests when you sleep. Don’t cut down your sleep to only a few hours because that ruins both the physical and mental well-being.

Getting a good 7 or 8 hours of sleep (during the night) will be enough for both the mind and the body to fully rest.

Nutrition is a tricky and a bit difficult subject, but be sure to check it out and learn what is good for you and when.
Apart from having physical effects, the exercise is also good for stress relief and mood lifting. Even if you are in top shape keep exercising and you will always be ready for new challenges that world throws at you.

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Dimensions Of Health

Dimensions Of Health

There is a term in medicine and in general health called “dimensions of health” or “dimensions of wellness” (pick your favorite term I will stick with health). This term represents the overall well-being of person seen through several dimensions. True well-being can only be achieved through interaction between those dimensions.
The first dimension of health is physical wellness. This refers to any and all aspects of the body condition. You are the first person that should take care of your body, and after you, there are professionals who do that. Healthy eating and adequate exercise are important as they will help you keep your body well. Physical wellness also refers to knowing one’s body enough to notice the signs of lack of certain vitamins and other necessary things. Keeping the blood pressure and blood sugar as well as weight and cholesterol in check are also things that are up to you and your knowledge of your body.

Spiritual wellness is also important because it contributed to mental health. To attain spiritual well-being you must find a set of values and beliefs that will create purpose in which you unconditionally trust. Following the herd is not always the thing that makes you happy, and spiritual wellness isn’t about following the belief of others, it is about finding your own beliefs. Some might find belief in God, but that isn’t the only option because there are no boundaries when it comes to finding something that makes your existence clear to you.

Emotional wellness represents your emotional and mental state, your understanding and connection with your feeling, all of which are reflected through your behavior and thoughts.

Suppressing of your negative emotions will not make you happy; on the contrary, you will be miserable because we are all made from the mix of positive and negative emotions. Learning how to live with those emotions is what emotional health is all about.

Intellectual health represents the drive to use your creative abilities to their full potential. The point is to find things that will be stimulating for your mind and to reap the benefits of that stimulation. In this way, you will develop your mind, and you will find interesting things that will make your leisure time filled with things to do.
Social health represents the ability to interact with other people and to respect them. It also represents your ability to create relationships with those people and to develop skills in communication. But this doesn’t mean that you should do that because the system requires it from you. Creating relationships that mean nothing means that you don’t respect yourself or the people with whom you are interacting.
You might be happy even without one of those dimensions; it all depends on the person and their goals in life. Some of us are introverts and in that case, social dimension is unnecessary, others aren’t interested in emotions, and their perfect wellness means the cutting of all emotional ties.

As you can see, we are all different, and there isn’t a specific guide that will make you happy, you have to find it for yourself.

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Dietary Options As You Age

Dietary Options As You Age

Eating healthy is important, especially once the years roll over you. A balanced diet is important because it keeps your energy levels up even when the years try to get you down. As you age your diet should slightly change as the body experiences the changes that affect its different functions. You have to adapt your eating to those changes so you can supplement the things that the body needs.
No matter how old you are, you can turn your life around by a healthy diet made to improve your lifestyle. Once you have found a good diet for your age you can start eating well, and that will fight the diseases that come with age, it will also improve your immunity and so on.

Bad food is one of the causes of many unpleasant and sometimes deadly diseases we experience in the later part of our life. People tend to ascribe that to the age, but it has been proven that the right type of diet helps the body and the mind and people who eat healthily live longer than others.

A good diet will keep the brain active as well, so be sure to eat a lot of veggies, fish and nuts and your focus will be resilient to the age. This will make you feel better, and that is a very important when you enter the late part of your life.

One of the things that you need to know is the right foods that you should consume when the number of your years gets closer to 100 than to 1. Demands of the body change and the amount of specific food that you should eat also changes. Here is a short “what to eat when you get older” guide.

Eating fruit is important, but don’t limit yourself on apples and bananas only. Your age requires some berries and melons as well due to vitamins they have.

Try to stop eating white flour and sacrifice it for whole grains. They posses more fiber and other nutrients, and even though this isn’t especially important in youth, it does become one of the pillars of a healthy diet.

Get proteins from lean meats and fish. Contrary to many healthy guides, you shouldn’t stop eating meat. If you do that, you will have to take supplements, and they do have some nasty side-effects when they are taken by elderly people.
Many “professional” dietitians advise people not to consume any fat, but this is far from the truth. I don’t know what drives them to spread lies like that, but saturated fats are very healthy, and your body needs them.
Veggies are also important, but not all of them are good for old people. Those that contain a lot of antioxidants are the veggies old people should consume (spinach, broccoli, kale…).
One of the most important things in the old age is the calcium. Calcium gained through food is a good protection against illnesses that come with age (osteoporosis and bone fractures).

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