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The Otago Canoe and Kayak Club has a storage facility on the side of the harbour, available for club members to store their Multisport boats and or Sea Kayaks in.
If you are interested in finding out the availability of spaces, please contact our Multisport representative for more information Brent Gardyne  .

The Longest Day 2001 -  Jeff Richardson  

Goldrush 2000; A Competitors View.

The Dunedin Twenty - Four Hour Adventure Race
by Team Whingeing Poms

The clock in the Octagon strikes 6 am , and we`re off; 29 teams of 4, heading down to the boat harbour to kayak the first stage up to Taiaroa Heads. Helped by an outgoing tide, but heading straight into a building northerly wind, the swell is 2 -3 meters as we get to Weller`s Rock, and the rescue boat orders us to shore here, rather than risk the big waves on the way to Pilots Beach. 
 Ready now for the tramp, run, caoster leg from The Heads, across southern beaches, inlets and headlands to The Chasm`s natural bridge ( it`s wicked looking down from there ), then on to mountian bikes and back to the boat harbour.
 BIG FEED, then it`s the big mountian bike section, up the Leith Valley, a hellish muddy grovel on the way onto Swampy, and then the darkness falls, and a big, full yellow moon guides us before ducking behind high cloud. 
A calm barmy night brings beautiful aromas from the bush as we head up Powder Hill, towards Mt Sllan then head back to town. It`s now past 3am.
 Another BIG FEED, and it`s off on the final stage to tramp / run up Mt Cargill.
We finish at 9 am , and go to bed, 27 hours after setting off. A real adventure for sure, and thanks to all the organisers.
 Seeing as we are team Whingeing Poms, we would like to whinge about the 2 hour wait on a cold cliff before the abseil, which caused a real loss of momentum for several hours, but overall a great day out.   Thanks Sylvia, Murray et al.


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