Southern Regionals Dunedin May 1st 2010
The  comp was the first round of South Island rankings for the 
New Zealand Canoe Polo Associations National League B Grade.
We head to chch this weekend for the 2nd round then up to Wellington 
to meet up with the North Island teams for another round and finals.
Deep South Canoe Polo Club is a Dunedin and Invercargill joint club 
and is the only affiliated club south of Christchurch.
Matau (Wanaka) are getting the paperwork sorted out to affiliate to NZCPA as well.
The only South Island B Grade women's team are the Zookeepers She Devils from DSCPC.
The rest of the teams that played in the weekend were the rest of 
the South Island B Grade Open teams - Imps from DSCPC, 
High Voltage from chch and Nevis No Goods from Matau.  
Matau and DSCPC both put extra teams in as invitational teams for that round.
Both finals for final weekend rankings went down to golden time 
with Nevis No Goods 1st, High Voltage 2nd, Imps 3rd.

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